Instagram is all about making connections

How to reach more people on Instagram

Instagram is all about making connections

Success is measured in followers on Instagram and interaction rates. To gain follower, there are a number of strategies. A useful tool is The tool analyzes the influence that own other Instagram users. Be given, inter alia, the topics that puts the user through his paintings, and by an algorithm calculated score, reflecting the its approximate market value. Even the presumed financial value of a posting of the person will be released. Revealing is an indication of the growth of followers in recent times to detect permanently successful and aspiring users. In the free version of InfluencerDB You can get every day only for Instagram users a full report.

If you win Instagrammer successful as a partner, you will be more present on the network and can draw attention to your brand. Generally Instagrammer that hold between 1000 and 5000 followers, easier and cheaper to obtain than the all-time greats of the scene. And big is not necessarily better in any case. From a smaller Instagram users whose followers but are in line with your target audience, you can benefit most. However, at least 1,000 followers should have your potential partner, so that the acquisition cost also pays, you can invest on buying instagram followers to help your account get more visibility.

The main Instagram Tools

To find out how you present your company best suited to Instagram, you have to constantly check which of your photos is best arrived and which were less successful. An excellent, largely free tool for this purpose is Iconosquare, formerly known as Statigram. You easily can here recognize the contributions and images like best or most interactions generate. Also clear monthly reports are generated automatically. Useful is also a ranking of the most popular hashtags. Even suggestions for improvements to optimize the own presence offers the tool to get instant instagram followers you would have to pay someone or some service online to make it possible increase instagram followers.

To post self-consistently interesting pictures, but not enough to be known on Instagram. As with any other interactive platform takes only the new followers who actively involved repeatedly. Within its own target audience you should be so represented. Comments on pictures of other users are a necessity, and a quick “like” you create new followers. Good pictures of Instagrammern, who are very active in their market segment, you should repost FOLLOWERZONE, so forward. A tool that decreases in this area a lot of work, is the repost app from Red Cactus, which you can find interesting pictures much faster and spread. The success can be seen soon: Also on Instagram washes a hand the other.

Authenticity wins – also on Instagram

Of course, faster gains new followers who published beautiful, high-quality photos. Finally, you want to represent yourself and your products in the best light. But Instagram photos obey other laws. Authenticity is important for companies than perfection, and just a not quite perfect, but gripped from everyday follower kaufen life and interesting picture speaks other Instagrammer often particularly at An appearance with only elaborately staged and perfectly lit images can be bored other users or even contradict their own brand message at worst. Anyone offering, for example, products from the streetwear segment, should also take snapshots of the road show and sometimes post a funny picture. A change in the design pays off, so you can now and put together some pictures to an original collage for example.

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