Hearthstone Metagame

How to keep yourself ahead of the Hearthstone Meta

Hearthstone Metagame

In previous articles we have explained several basic and concepts needed to succeed at Hearthstone, like the crafteo, the types of decks or the curve of costs, today let’s talk about the Metagame concept or English Metagame. The “Meta” could define as the environment, i.e., the mallets and classes that more are in our game room. By this I mean that the goal can vary depending on the range that we play, game or even the region format.

So a card game such as Hearhstone to succeed must be a certain balance between the mallets and classes, we will, we can not say that this is the best harness or the other, and above all that no mallet is invincible, since but everyone would play this deck, and would be very boring to always doing “mirror-match”. The advantage that have the online card games is that it is easy to modify the charts and Hearthstone after several patches and hotfixes gradually is this getting this idyllic balance in the TCG you should try to understand the metagame.

Keep yourself updated – Test many decks and find out what is currently working

You have to know that people move by fashion and like you other people look on websites like ours best TOP decks. The big difference between players and good players is that the standard player copies the entire harness and the good player takes ideas and adapts the harness to your taste or how to play. The main thing to dominate the goal is to know the decks that we can find, the most played, and inform us of its strong and weak points as the old Chinese proverb says: “Know your enemy and know yourself, and in a hundred battles, will never be defeated”.

These are just some examples that may be useful in the current goal, if this change must change the mallets with him. When we talk about “Metar” our harness are small details or changes like these, but we must never forget the theme of our harness or the synergy of our letters, as well as other concepts such as the curve. These concepts must be prioritized to metar harness, since if a mallet will metado against everything but not bend and his letters do not have any kind of synergy we won’t get to do a competitive deck.

Today there are several decks that make us the current goal, we have them divided into this table by type of harness, if you want to upload rank should know them to know how to play against them, it is very likely that we find them.

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